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All You Need To Know About Donald Trump

Who Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump was a businessman, media person, and politician who also served in the 45th parliament of the world’s superpower, “The United States of America.”He was president of the USA from 2017 to 2021. His life was full of species with controversies. Whether he has a part of a reality tv show or his politics, he was always the talk of the town. His political decisions are always unpredictable and mark long-lasting impacts on the nation. This article is all about his personal and political life, his decision-making policies as a president, and the effect on the country and the consciences he faced. Here in this article, we will examine Donald Trump‘s presidency, highlighting achievements and criticisms.

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The Early Life Of Donald Trump 

This white ethnicity man first cried on nine June nineteen forty-six (1946) at Jamaica Hospital in New York City in the United States of America. Both parents are immigrants his father, Fred Trump; from the Bronx, was a real estate developer, and he was an immigrant from Germany. His mother, Mary Anne Mac Leod Trump, was and Scotland or Scottish immigrant. Donald Trump joined the Military Academy at the age of 13. He later joined Fordham University in a Bs program, but two years later, take transferred to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and finally graduated with a degree in Bs economics in 1968. This is how he started his life; however, according to his colleagues, he has narcissism and grandiosity traits, and this is what he still has.

Trump And Extramarital Affairs

Firstly he fell in love with Czech model Ivana Zelníčková in 1977 after 13 years of successful marriage. They divorced and moved apart, but alternatively, Trump fell in love again with Marla Maples, an American media personality and actress who caused Trump‘s divorce. They tied the knot in 1993. He divorced Marla in 1999, and his mother raised his daughter in California. But Trump didn’t stop here again and fell in love with a Slovenian model, Melania Knauss, his current wife. They married in 2005, and he was blessed with a baby boy the following year. However, his son is now living with him.

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Why Did Miss Universe Russia 2002 Resign From His Title?

In 2002 Donald Trump was co-owner of the miss universe organization. That year, Russia has crowned the universe, which was held in Puerto Rico. At the time of the crowing, the Russian girl was the winner and holds the title of miss universe, and at that time was also holding the job of a police officer in Russia. 

Although miss universe Russia committed to her law enforcement career,  most of the time, she was absent in organizational activity and can’t even fulfill the requirements set by the miss universe organization of living in a new york apartment as the title holder should live and travel to the world with only corporate activities. However, due to her studies and career, Miss Universe Russia can’t live in new york. Thus, due to all this, Trump forced Miss Russia Oxana Fedorova to resign from the title, and in a few months, Miss Panama became the title holder. According to some resources, due to the unpleasant relationship between Russia and America, Trump pressurized her. 

Trump And Political Career

In June 2015, he announced that he would stand for election through the Republican Party. He runs the campaign well to become the president of the USA. He came to a slogan of making “America great again”his campaign was intensely focused on economic nationalism and immigration reform; during his presidency, he also worked well in the areas of publicity. In 2017, he signed the taxes reform, which anime a tax cut, a job act, and also bipartisan criminal justice reform in which aims to improve prisons condition. On the other hand, his numerous controversial statements and laws marked long-lasting impacts on this nation. Like during covid 19, he took the virus for granted, leading to inconsistent public health measures. He also recorded unnecessary immigrant policies and taxes, leading to family separation at the USA-Mexico border.

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This Rule Ended In The 2021 Election

It’s a rule of nature that reaches its peak; it also ends like a king at any age of life should pass her crown. In an election in 2021, trumps party competed with the Beidon party and lost this election. This time, the public needed change and wanted to avoid tramping to his new leader, or they exhausted his policies and controversy. He didn’t win the people’s hearts and lost with a significant vote difference with the joe biden party. However, he can’t accept his loss until now. The main reason for their failure is that he needs to handle the Provide 19 situation and handle it well due to many economic cries. Covid number of people have also become jobless. So it’s essential to ruler fly connects with these people and try to find out their needs, not their our self.

Net Worth Of Donald Trump

In addition, the 72 years old businessman has a net worth of 2.5 billion dollars. However, it varies due to factors like business changes, the hidden wealth of life, houses, cars, jewellery, and gold, which are not public. This resource includes investing in different brands and ventures, making his merchandise, and also from the miss universe organization as co-owner; as a television personality, he also earns from appearing in different reality shows. However, his net worth varies according to time. But it preferred to be confirmed with reliable sources for more up-to-date and accurate information because wealth is not the same throughout life. It changes up and down.


Trump was always the headline of the town, with lots of controversies in life, breakdown of marriages, extramarital affairs, political statements, and reform always famous for this thing; his stubborn behaviours during the 2021 election after losing the title of president of the world’s superpower. He doesn’t accept it, doesn’t agree to leave home, and is considered an unfear electron because he is so popular. And These reforms policies always impacted the nation. His presidency stirred up strong feelings from both supporters and critics. How this was the life of the most vibrant country presidents, how this presidency was full of hot spices, and how it ended after his presidency. It’s the life of the present of America, Donald trumps and related things to their life from personal to political.

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